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Lesson 10
demonstrative pronouns

demonstrative pronouns

To ask simple questions or talk about the existence of things or people, you can use demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these, and those


this / these

Use “this” and “these” when referring to things or people that are close to you in space or time. 

close / near


  • This sandwich is delicious. 
  • We learn a lot in this class. 
  • Do you like this book? 


  • These sandwiches are delicious. 
  • We learn a lot in these classes. 
  • Do you like these books? 

that / those

Use “that” and “those” when referring to things or people that are far in both space or time. 

not close / far


  • That was a delicious sandwich.
  • We learned a lot in that class.  
  •  Did you like that book? 


  • Those sandwiches were delicious. 
  • We learned a lot in those classes. 
  • Did you like those books? 

Choose the correct pronouns in the following exercises: 

Part A. Choose between “this” or “these.” 


1.  _________ are very good crackers. 


2. Is __________ a good movie? 


3. Whose coat is ___________? 


4. ________ tastes terrible! 


5. _________ students are doing great work! 


6. Are __________ pants too long? 


7.  _________ lemonade is too sweet. 


8. The battery in _________ phone is dead. 


9. Were __________ chips any good? 


10. Whose shoes are ___________? 



Part B. Choose between “this” or “that.” 


1.  _________ movie we saw last week was good. 


2. __________ water has a funny smell. (I’m holding a glass in my hand.) 


3. Was _________ pizza you ordered any good? 


4. Do you want _________ one or ________ one? 



5. Look at __________ over there! 

Part C. Choose between “that” or “those.” 


1.  _________ cars are very expensive. 


2. Is __________ car on sale? 


3. __________ were the good old days. 


4. Are __________ the mittens you wanted? 


5. What is _________ over there? 


6. Please hand me ___________ towels.


7. Whose are ____________? 


8. __________ humus is nice and creamy. 


9. How much are ___________ bananas? 


10,  Where is ___________ spatula? 

Part D. Choose between “these” or “those.” 


1. How much are  __________ chairs over there? 


2. Why are ___________ clothes still wet? 


3. __________ peanuts are very salty. 


4.Where are _________ socks you bought yesterday? 


5. _________ onions were not very good.

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