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Lesson 11
the present tense

the present tense

Use the present tense for activities that happen every day. What do you do every day when you wake up? What do other people do? What do the animals do? What do the plants do? What happens in any place on the planet? 


11a. the present tense ✍🏾


I eat 

you eat

he eats

she eats

it eats



we eat

you eat

they eat

This happens every day: I eat. 

11a. Examples

yogurt, strawberries, food-1442034.jpg


I eat breakfast. 

You eat breakfast. 

A person eats breakfast. 

Note: The verb “be” is different from all of the other verbs in the present tense. You studied this is Lesson One. 

11b. the present tense ✍🏾


I am 

you are

he is

she is

it is



we are

you are

they are

This happens every day: I eat. 

11b. Examples

yogurt, strawberries, food-1442034.jpg


This is a bowl of yogurt.

It is delicious. 

There are strawberries. 

They are delicious. 

examples for the present tense:

  • The sun rises every day. 
  • It gets dark at night. 
  • People go to work 
  • Plants, animals, and insects live and die. 
  • You wake up every day and live your life. 
  • You make breakfast. You eat your breakfast. 
  • Children go to school. 
  • Adults work. 
  • People fight. They also love each other. 
  • We come home at the end of the day. 
  • We go to sleep at night. 
  • The world turns and moves through the galaxy. 
monk, morning, old tree-4836982.jpg

The sun rises every day. 

We enjoy another day of life. 

Life is good. 

park, bike, senior-5528190.jpg

She rides her bike to town.

I ride my bike to school. 

A bike is good transportation.  

In Lesson Twelve, you will learn to use the verb “do.” 

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