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Lesson 9
be - past tense

be - past tense

When the verb “be” is in the past tense, it takes two different forms: was and were


be - past tense ✍️


I was

You were 

He was

She was 

It was


We were

You were.

They were

  • I was your teacher. 
  • You were my student. 
  • It was cold outside. 
  • I was outside. 
  • There was snow on the ground. 
students, classroom, school-395568.jpg
  • He was a student.
  • There were other students. 
  • They were all in a classroom. 
  • It was warm in the classroom. 
  • The teacher was somewhere in the classroom. 

In Lesson Ten, you will learn how to use demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these, and those