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Lesson 15
information questions

information questions

Questions for information almost always begin with words such as who, what, where, when, why, and how


  • What is that? (It’s a telescope.) 
  • What does it do? (It looks for stars.) 
  • Where is it? (it’s in a secret location.) 
  • Who uses it? (Scientists use it.) 
  • How does it work? (I don’t know how it works.) 
telescope, technology, science-937871.jpg

What is that? 

15a. information questions ✍🏾

Here’s a list of words that are used when asking for information: 

who = person

what = thing

where = location 

when = time 

why = reason

how = method

15a. examples ✍🏾

man selling apples
  • Who is he? 
  • What does he do? 
  • Where is his store? 
  • When is his store open? 
  • What time does it open? 
  • Why are the tomatoes on sale? 
  • How much are the tomatoes?
  • How much do they cost?  

15b. information questions ✍🏾
be - present tense

Here’s a list of questions that use the verb “be” as the main verb when asking for information in the present tense:

Who is he? 

Where are you? 

What time is it? 

How are you? 

How‘s the weather today? 

Why are we here? 

15b. examples ✍🏾

  • Who are they? 
  • Where are they? 
  • What time of day is it? 
  • How‘s the weather there?
  • How many women are there? 

15c. information questions ✍🏾
do - present tense

Here’s a list of questions that use the verb “do” as the helping when asking for information in the present tense:  The main verb shows action. 

What do you do every day? 

Where do you live

How do you get to school? 

Why do you go to school? 

15c. examples ✍🏾

cutting granite stones, bending, work-8028375.jpg
  • What does he do
  • Where does he work
  • What does he use at work? 
  • How does he operate that machine?
  • How many other people does he work with? 

15d. information questions ✍🏾
present tense

Some questions use neither “be” or “do” when forming questions. In this case, the question word functions as the subject: 

What happens in school? 

How many people go to that school? 

Who lives in your home? 

Who cooks and cleans in your household? 


15d. examples ✍🏾

earth, planet, space-11009.jpg
  • What made the Earth? 
  • What lives on it? 
  • Who lives here? 
  • How many people inhabit the Earth? 

15e. asking questions in class

There are many different questions that students ask the teacher, but here are a few specific ways to get the teacher’s attention in order to ask a question:

  • May I ask a question? 
  •  Can I ask you a question? 
  • Do you mind if I ask you a question? 

After you complete Sections a – e, go to the exercise below. 

In the next lesson, you will learn about the present continuous tense. 

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