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Lesson 5
be - questions - present tense

Some questions in English use the verb “be” as the main verb in the present tense. 


In this lesson, you will learn how to ask questions using the verb “be” in the present tense for a “yes-no” answer. 

5a. (be) + subject + adjective ✍🏽


Am I cold? 

Are you cold? 

Is he hot? 

Is she hot? 

Is it hot? 



Are we together? 

Are you interested? 

Are they tired? 


short answers to questions: 

A: Are you cold? 

B: Yes, I am. (I am cold) 

A: Is he a student? 

B: Yes, he is


Do you see the verb “be” in the question and the answer? 

5a. Examples

Teacher Paul
Teacher Paul
  • Student: Are you outside? 
  • Teacher: Yes, I am. 
  • A: Is he outside?
  • B: Yes, he is. 
beautiful, business, computer-15728.jpg
  • Teacher: Are you busy? 
  • Student: Yes, I am. 
  • A: Is she busy?  
  • B: Yes, she is. 

Note: In these examples, the subject complement comes after the subject. The subject complement is either an adjective or a noun. What is a subject complement?  You will learn about subject complements in Lesson Six. (That’s the next lesson, but wait! Don’t go there yet.) 

5b. be + subject + noun ✍🏽


Am I a teacher? 

Are you a student? 

Is he a cashier? 

Is she a driver? 

Is it an apartment? 



Are we students? 

Are you students? 

Are they students? 



Short Answers: 

A: Are we in school on Sunday? 

B: No, you aren’t. 

A: Are we in school on Monday? 

B: Yes, we are.

5b. Examples

Teacher Paul
Teacher Paul
  • A: Is he a teacher? 
  • B: Yes, he is. 
  • A: Is this a website for English? 
  • B: Yes, it is. 
  • A: Is it dark outside? 
  • B: No, it isn’t. 
beautiful, business, computer-15728.jpg
  • A: Are you a student? 
  • B: Yes, I am. 
  • A: Is that your computer? 
  • B: Yes, it is. 
  • A: Is your sweater orange? 
  • B: No, it isn’t. It’s red. 

This next video explains how short answers are formed for questions that include the verb “be” in the present tense. 


Part A. Directions: Write “yes-no” questions with the verb “be” in the present tense. 


  1. ________ she here today? 

  2. ________ the students on the bus? 

  3. ________ I late for school? 

  4. ________ the book in his backpack? 

  5. ________ there a car in the garage?  

  6. ________ milk on sale at the grocery store today? 

  7. ________ my bike ready?

  8. ________ the police on the corner?  

  9. ________ the seeds in the ground? 

  10. ________ it warm outside? 


Part B. Directions: Use the words provided to form “yes-no” questions in the present tense. The main verb is “be.”  Remember to add a question mark at the end. 


  1. be / the girls / school / at /  ______________________________________ 

  2. on / be / I / the list /   _________________________________________ 

  3. It / under / be / the table /  ______________________________________

  4. easy / exercise / this / be /  _____________________________________

  5. untied / be / the shoelaces /  ____________________________________    

  6. the game / finished / be /  ______________________________________ 

  7. the TV / on / be /  _____________________________________________ 

  8. happy / you / with / be / it /  ______________________________________

  9. a restaurant  / be / there /  nearby /  _______________________________

  10. we / be / the entrance / at /  ____________________________________

In Lesson Six, you will learn about subject complements. 

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