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My name is Paul. I’m your teacher on This website provides free English language instruction to people around the world. Please spend some time here and look around. As this website is still in development, you may find some useful material here for improving your English. Start here.


Teacher Paul / Paul Lawrence
Teacher Paul

I’ve been an English teacher since 1998. That’s a long time! My career has given me the opportunity to work with all levels of English language learners, from those who have just recently arrived in the United States to Americans born and raised here and attending high school. I feel very fortunate to do this kind of work, but I also want to make the instruction available to people who don’t normally have access to an American English teacher, for what that’s worth. For some students, that’s invaluable.

If you live in a place torn apart by war, famine, climate change disasters, or political chaos, this website is for you.  If you are poor and have no money for online English language instruction, this website is also for you. This is my small contribution to help ease the suffering in places like Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Central America–just to name a few–and parts of the United States where access to education is difficult. 

All of the lessons on this website were created by me. I use the knowledge and experience gained as a classroom teacher to create these lessons. The website is supported by advertising and the kind donations from others who also feel as though we can all do better as human beings. 

In addition to providing free English lessons to all corners of the world, I’m also interested in drawing attention to the health of the planet. At the moment, Earth and its inhabitants are facing a present and looming crisis as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere climb and ecosystems suffer from the impact of human development.  One of the goals of this website is to raise awareness of these global issues through the lessons found here

English lessons + Environmental awareness =

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