Verbs in English


make / made / made / making

The verb “make” is an important verb to know how to use when creating or producing something. Watch this video, then take a look at the examples below. 


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You can use this verb for many different reasons: 


  • He makes a lot of money at his job. 
  • How much money do you make? 
  • People who work in information technology can easily make over 100K per year at their jobs. (K = $1000) 
  • That restaurant does not make very much money. 
  • It’s hard to make money in the restaurant business. 
  • Some people try to make money by becoming social media celebrities. 
  • That’s a hard way to make a buck. 
dollars, currency, money-499481.jpg



  • What did you make for dinner? 
  • Do you like making dinner? (This sentence use “make” as a gerund.) 
  • I make coffee every morning. 
  • I use a coffee maker to make coffee. (The word “maker” is a noun.) 
  • The restaurant down the street makes great pizza. 
  • Elizabeth knows how to make Peruvian food. She’s from Peru. 
  • Juan enjoys making Chinese food. 
pizza, food, italy-3000274.jpg

You can make a great pizza with just pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and basil. 



  • What are they making? 
  • They’re making an art project for school. 
  • It’s fun to make music. 
  • People who know how to make furniture by hand can sell their work for a lot of money. 
  •  The restaurant down the street make great pizza. 
  • The people who made the monastery were talented architects in their day. (make = build) 
  • How long did it take to make? 
monastery, cloister, abbey-3130879.jpg

This is a monastery. It took a very long time to make. 


Use “make” as a causative verb:  

  • That makes me laugh. 
  • Jennifer’s boss often makes her stay late at work. 
  • A police officer made the man pull over for speeding.  
  • Why is the school making us do this? 
  • Teachers make their students do work in school. 
  • Schools make students take tests. 
  • Sometimes chocolate makes my stomach upset. 
teacher, classroom, school-476342.jpg

This teacher is making his students do a lot of work.