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Nouns in English

What is a noun?

A noun is a word that represents a person, a place, or a thing. A noun may also represent an idea, an emotion, or some other abstract thing that you can’t see or touch. 


A noun is also called a naming word.  A naming word gives names to subjects or objects. These words are either singular or plural.  A basic knowledge of English requires you to choose a noun and decide whether that noun is singular or plural. 


 Maria is having coffee.  


In this sentence, the word “Maria” is a name for a person. The word “coffee” is a name for a thing. The verb, is having, matches the subject. Both the subject and the verb are singular. 

Maria and Bob are having coffee. Why did the verb change?  The subject in this sentence has two nouns: Maria and Bob. The subject is plural. A plural subject requires a plural verb. 

The next video shows you the two main types of nouns:  count nouns and noncount nouns.

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