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Verbs in English


ride / rode / ridden / riding

We use the verb “ride” for traveling in or on certain vehicles: bikes, cars, buses, and trains. You can also use “ride” when on a horse. Watch the video below to learn about the four principal parts of this verb. 


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Here are examples of ways to use the verb “ride.” 

Bikes and Motorcycles

  • I enjoy riding my bike. 
  • Do you ride a bike? 
  • My neighbor rides her bike to work every day. 
  • Riding a bike is a good way to get some regular exercise. (The word “riding” is a gerund in this sentence.) 
  • Have you every ridden a motorcycle? 
  • It’s fun to ride a motorcycle. (Notice that we use the word “ride” and not “drive” for motorcycles.) 
  • If you feel comfortable riding a bike, you might also feel comfortable riding on a scooter, which is similar to a small motorcycle but easier to ride and operate. 
park, bike, senior-5528190.jpg

People of all ages can ride on a bike. 

Buses, Cars, and Trains

  • People who ride on a train may travel safely and comfortably. 
  • Riding a bus is a good way to get around locally. 
  • It’s usually a little cheaper to ride on a bus than to ride on a train. 
  • When riding on a bus or on a train, sometimes passengers must stand because seating is limited. 
  • When I lived in Chicago, I used to ride the el. (el = elevated train)  
  • Have you ever ridden in a limousine? A limousine is a very long car that can carry many passengers during formal occasions. 
  • People who ride in a cab or an Uber pay someone to do the driving. 
  • Children usually ride in the backseat of a car.  If they are very young, they are strapped into a carseat. 
train, station, platform-3384786.jpg

Passengers board a train at a train station. These people are waiting on the platform. 


  • Have you ever ridden a horse? 
  • Would you like to ride a horse? 
  • People in Africa and the Middle East have the opportunity to ride on camels. 
  • You can ride on a donkey, which is kind of like a small horse. 
  • You can’t ride on a zebra. 
  • People in Asia ride on elephants. 
  • Have you ever ridden on an elephant? 
riding, horses, horse riding-1935051.jpg

People who go horseback riding travel at a leisurely pace. 

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