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Verbs in English


bear / bore / born / bearing

Use the verb “bear” when talking about responsibility, accepting pain, and giving birth. This verb is often used in the passive voice:  Where were you born? 


Here are some examples of ways to use the verb “bear.” 

We most often use it for the topic of birth: 

  • Where were you born? 
  • I was born in Germany. 
  • In what year was she born? 
  • She was born in 1993. She’s 30 years old. 
Use the verb “bear” when talking about responsibility: 
  • How much responsibility does the company bear for what happened in the accident? 
  • Joe bears responsibility for his actions. 
  • The company refuses to bear any responsibility for the chemicals it spilled in the river. 
There are other ways to apply this verb: 
  • He bears a striking resemblance to his mother. (resemblance) 
  • Removing this beam from the building is impossible because it bears most of the weight of the building. (weight) 
  • I can’t bear the pain any longer. It’s too much. (pain) 
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