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phrasal modal verbs
would you mind

would you mind

A polite way to make a request or ask for permission is to use “would you mind” at the beginning of the question. 


Here are some examples of ways to use “would you mind.” 

a.  would you mind

👍 = okay

Other possibilities are not likely. 


Would I mind… 

Would you mind… 👍 👍

Would he mind…👍

Would she mind…👍

Would it mind… 


Would we mind…

Would you mind…👍

Would they mind…👍


This is usually used when asking if another person can do something. You don’t normally use it in the first person or with “it.” 

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a. Examples
  • Would you mind closing the window? I don’t want my cat to get out. 
  • Would you mind if I closed the window?   
  • Would anyone mind if the cat went outside?

The examples below show someone asking for permission to do something. 

b.  Would you mind if I… =  Is it okay if…

  • Would you mind if I left early today? (Is it okay if I left early today?)
  • Would you mind if I borrowed you bike? (Is it okay if I borrowed your bike?) 
  • Would you mind if ate the last piece of pizza? (Is it okay if I ate the last piece of pizza?) 


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b. Examples
  • Would. you mind if I left the meeting early. 
  • No, I wouldn’t mind. 


When you say, “No, I wouldn’t mind,” it’s almost the same as, “It’s okay.”

In the examples below, someone is making a request. However, the request may possibly cause someone inconvenience for the person to whom the request is made. 

c.  Would you mind + gerund 

  • Would you mind speaking more quietly, please? 
  • Would you mind helping me move this weekend? 
  • Would you mind making dinner tonight? 


Negative: Would you mind not + gerund

  • Would you mind not smoking here? 
  • Would they mind not having a holiday party this year? 
  • Would you mind not driving so fast, please? 
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c. Examples
  • Guest: Would you mind rescheduling my reservation? 
  • Clerk: No, that’s not a problem. 
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