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You and I

The most basic relationship between two people uses these pronouns: 

 you and I

In a conversation between two people, these pronouns are used. Here’s an example: 


Joe walks into the office where he works and greets a coworker. 


Joe: Hi. How are you today? 

Sara: Hi.  I’m fine. How are you? 

Joe: I’m fine. Are you busy right now? 

Sara: No,  I’m not.  What do you need? 

Joe: I need some help moving some boxes. Can you help me? 

Sara: Sure, let me finish what I’m working on and then I’ll be able to help you out. 




  • I am a teacher. 
  • I am your teacher. 
education, student, boy-3670453.jpg
  • You are a student. 
  • You are my student. 

To learn more about pronouns, go to Lesson Four in the Lessons section of the website. 

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