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Links for Learning English

Here are some links to websites that I think are good for students who want to learn English. Most of these websites are free. 

Websites for Students
  • A4ESL – This is an old website, but it’s still useful, especially for older students who remember when these kinds of websites started to emerge during  the early days of the internet. 
  • British Council – Start learning English immediately. 
  • Duolingo – It’s easy to get started on this website, and it’s kind of fun. Great for kids. 
  • IXL – Free K-12 curriculum.  I use this website with my regular classroom students. You must check it out. 
  • KhanAcademy – In addition to English reading exercises, a multitude of subjects are available here. Well organized and easy to navigate. 
  • LearningChocolate – This website is good for students who want to learn basic English vocabulary.
  • Learn American English Online – This is my old website. I don’t own it or contribute to it any more, but you might find some useful content here. 
  • Manythings –  Interesting things for ESL students. 
  • Preply – This site offers opportunities to connect with tutors who charge for their services, but there is a lot of free language instruction that you might like. This seems to be more suitable for intermediate and advanced learners on English and other languages. 
  • Rong-chang – This website has been online for a very long time. It’s good for beginning level students. 
  • – Put together by Sacramento County in California, this includes an impressive collection of videos and exercises. 
  • Voice of America –  Sponsored by the U.S. government, this free website provides free English lessons, and you can learn about the United States history and government at the same time.
Websites for Teachers
  • American English  This website is provided to teachers and tutors as a resource for teaching American English. This is sponsored by the federal government. 
  • – The name really says it all, but it’s  also an interesting and interactive website for learning new words. 
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Do you know of any good, free websites for learning English?

If so, post a link in the comments below and I’ll take a look at it. 

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