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To think is to use the mind for some purpose. You want to plan something, build something, or figure something out. 

think / thought / thought / thinking

Here are some ways to use the word "think."

  • I think I know the answer. 
  • You think you know everything! 
  • He thinks a lot about the weather. 
  • She thinks she might be late. 
  • I thought I had my keys with me, but I didn’t. 
  • They often think about buying a house. 
  • A: What did you think about the test? 
  • B: I thought it was easy.  
  • This is a lot to think about. 
  • What are you thinking about? 

think through = think carefully

  • She has to think this through. (She has to think carefully about this.) 
  • I’d better think this through. 
  • He has a big decision to think through. 
  • Have you thought this through? 
  • We have to think things though before we make a decision. 
  • It’s obvious that they didn’t think this through. (They made a bad decision.)
  • Give me a few days to think this through. 
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