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shut / shut / shut / shutting

To shut something is to close it. This word is often used for doors, windows, and other things that are open. 

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examples for the verb "shut."

  • Please shut the window. 
  • Did you shut the door? 
  • We shut our windows at night. 
  • Shut the curtain to keep the sunlight out. 
  • Pull on the cord to shut the curtains.  
  • Use the handle to shut the door. 
  • Shut the door and lock it. 
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more examples for the verb "shut."

We often use “shut” when a person talks too much. 

  • Please shut your mouth. 
  • Shut up! 
  • You never shut up. 
  • Just try to keep your mouth shut. 
  •  He needs to shut his mouth. 
  • He can’t keep his mouth shut. 

What are some things that you can shut? 


Write in your notebook: 


I can … ✍🏾

filing, cabinet, metal-30481.jpg
I can shut the lower drawer on this filing cabint.
hitachi multi door refrigerator, multi door, lg multi door-6266613.jpg
I can shut the refrigerator.
icon, shannon, television-1293234.jpg
I can shut off the TV.
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