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put / put / put / putting

Use the verb “put” when you place something into a position. This word is so common in English, you would have a hard time speaking English without it. 

Reasons for using the verb "put."

This verb is always followed by an object. It’s a transitive verb. 

  • A: Where did you put your jacket? 
  • B: I put my jacket in the closet. 
In the examples above, the word “jacket” is an object. 
subject = I
verb = put
object – jacket


I put the books on the table. 

She puts ketchup on her french fries. 


Getting Dressed: 

Put your hat and gloves on. 

You put your shoes on one at a time. 


Transferring / Delivering

I put the letter in the mail. 

David’s mother put the ownership of her house in his name. 


Depositing Money / Investing 

You should that money in the bank. 

They put a lot of money in the stock market. 

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