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make / made / made / making

Use the verb “make” when you create something. This is popular for cooking, art work, money, and it’s used in many different phrasal verbs. 

examples for the verb "make."

  • What are you making? (This question is in the present continuous tense.) 
  • I’m making a pizza. 
  • Nadia made some coffee. (past tense)
  • This makes me nervous. (present tense) 
  • How much money does he make? 
  • The dirty water is making those people sick. 
  • We can make the world a better place if we all work together. 
  • The Verb “Make”


Directions: Use the verb “make” in the following sentences and questions. Pay attention to helping verbs and the various forms that this verb takes.  ✍🏼


1. She _________ a delicious cake from scratch. (past tense) 

2. They __________ a nice couple. (present tense) 

3. _______ I __________ a reservation for two? (use the modal verb “can”) 

4. He  _______ ______ _________ more time for his family. (“have to” – present tense) 

5. The tailor ________ __________  a custom-tailored suit for the client. (future tense) 

6. I want _______ __________ a difference in the world through my work. (infinitive) 

7. He __________ ___________ a decision. (use “could” – negative) 

8. _________ __________ plans for this weekend. (Use “let’s”) 

9. The chef ________ ___________ a special dish for the celebration. (present perfect) 

10. She ________ _______ ______ ________ it on time. (use “be going to – negative) 

11. The students need _______ __________ corrections to their paragraphs. (infinitive) 

12. The company ______ _______ an impact on the environment. (present continuous) 

13. ___________ an effort to reduce your carbon footprint isn’t that hard. (gerund) 

14. The mechanic ________ __________ the repairs to the car. (past tense – negative)

15. John __________  a lot of money last year. (past tense) 

16. The teacher ________ ________ an announcement during the class. (future tense) 

17. Sophia ___________ her kids wake up early every morning. (present tense) 

18. Tanya is upset because she _________ ________ the team. (past tense – negative) 

19. They are trying _______ _________ a deal. (infinitive) 

20. She _______ __________ a quilt without yarn. (use “can” – negative) 


I know how to make oatmeal cookies. 

What do you know how to make? 

  • Write in your notebook:  ✍🏼
  • I know how to make…
  • I can make…
  • I enjoy making….
  • It’s fun to make…
  • I lke to make…
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