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The verb “freeze” is used when temperatures go below 32 degrees, Fahrenheit, but you can use this word when a thing or a person feels very cold. 


These sentences use some form of the word "freeze."

  • It’s freezing outside. 
  • I’m freezing. 
  • We need to freeze this chicken in the freezer. 
  • My car’s frozen. I can’t start it. 
  • The water on the lake freezes solid in the winter. 

This video shows you how to use the verb “freeze” when it’s very cold outside. 

freeze / froze  / frozen / freezing

trees, forest, cabin-4741364.jpg
  • Everything freezes in Minnesota during the winter. 
  • The lakes freeze. 
  • The water in the air freezes to produce snow. 
  • When people go outside, they say, “It’s freezing!” 
  • You can say, “I’m freezing” when you feel cold. 
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