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Use the verb “eat” when consuming food. There are also some  figurative meanings for the verb “eat.” 


These sentences use "eat" as a main verb:

  • I ate breakfast this morning. 
  • What do you usually eat for lunch? 
  • Have you ever eaten sushi? 
  • Don’t eat too much! 
  • Let’s eat. 

Here are some videos that show you various ways to use the verb “do.” 

eat / ate / eaten/ eating

girl, nature, eating-846357.jpg
  • What is she eating?
  • She’s eating a piece of watermelon. 
  • Do you like to eat watermelon? 

We use the verb "eat" every day:

  • A: What do you eat? What do you eat every day? (present tense) 
  • B: I eat yogurt. 
  • A: What did you eat? (past tense) 
  • B: I ate pizza. 
  • A: Have you eaten anything yet today? (present perfect tense) 
  • B: Yes, I had lunch. (I ate lunch. eat = have)

eat = have

It’s important to know that the verb “have” is a very popular verb to use instead of “eat.” 

I ate breakfast. = I had breakfast. 

Let’s eat lunch. = Let’s have lunch.

They didn’t eat dinner yet. = They didn’t have dinner yet. 

What are you going to eat? = What are you going to have?

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