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drive / drove / driven / driving 

Use the word “drive” as a verb when operating a vehicle such as a car, a truck, or a bus. 


When “drive” is a verb, it changes a lot from one verb tense to another. 

a. drive = use a vehicle

  • Peter drives to work every day. (present tense) 
  • Christy has been driving the same car for the last ten years. (present perfect continuous tense) 
  • Last week, I drove to Chicago. (past tense) 
  • It took seven hours to drive there. (infinitive) 
  • Driving a car requires a driver’s license. (gerund) 
  • Do you know how to drive a car? (infinitive) 
  • How often do you drive a car? (present tense) 
  • Have you ever driven a really fast car? (present perfect tense)
  • Barbara needs driving lessons. (adjective) 
  • She hired a driving instructor. (adjective)
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People drive cars, buses, and trucks on streets, roads, and highways.  

As a noun, the word “drive” is used for the experience of operating a car. 

b. drive = trip; travel experience

  • We took a long drive along the coast of California.
  • The drive was four hours. 
  • It was a four-hour drive. 
  • It was a nice drive. 
  •  Kevin has a one-hour drive to work. He spends over two hours in his car every day. 
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Some commuters have a one-hour drive to work every day, there and back. (commuter = person who drives or takes mass transit to work) 

c. drive = ambition

  • An ambitious person has the drive to succeed. (noun) 
  • He’s driven to become successful. (passive, present) 
  • An interest in gaining personal wealth is what drives him. (verb) 
  • The desire for knowledge and understanding often drives human beings to explore the unknown.

d. drive = force

  • This situation is driving me crazy. (This is an expression.) 
  • Too much competition drove Leo’s company out of business. 
  • Political unrest can drive citizens to protest and demand change from their government.
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His ambition drives him forward. / He’s driven by his ambition. 

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