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bet / bet / bet / betting

We use the word “bet” when talking about taking a risk, gambling, or having some sort of belief or prediction. 


  • They are betting on a better future in the United States. (risk) 
  • Jose bet a lot of money at the racetrack and lost it all. (gambling)
  • I bet it’s going to rain tomorrow. (belief)

a. bet = gamble 

This word is often used for gambling. You can use it as a verb or as a noun. 

  • I placed a five-dollar bet on a horse to win the third race.  (noun)
  • You shouldn’t bet if you don’t any money. (verb) 
  • Betting on a stock is a risky way to make money. (gerund) 
  •  I’ll bet you a hundred bucks Biden wins the election. (verb) 
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  • People go to a racetrack to bet money on races. 
  • Have you ever placed a bet? 

b. bet = to dare someone

  • I bet you can’t do 20 pushups. 
  • Caroline bet her roommate to walk into class wearing a bikini.  
  •  I bet you can’t ride a bike with your eyes closed. 
  • Joe bet Tom that he wouldn’t ask Sophia out on a date. 
  • How much do you want to bet I can lift this weight with one hand? 
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  • I bet you to eat that. 
  • I dare you to eat that. 

c. bet = to predict / believe

  • I bet the teacher won’t be here tomorrow? 
  • I bet there are a lot of people who will start using AI. 
  • She’s betting that her car won’t need any work done soon. 
  • I bet you’re going to love this. 
  • I bet you anything Dave is going to lose his phone. 
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  • A: I bet you are going to love this. 
  • B: Baby goats! Yes, I love this. 

d. you bet / you betcha

When you hear someone say “you bet,” it’s often a substitute for “you’re welcome.” It can also be used in place of an affirmative response: yes.  you betcha = yes. 

Note: The use of “you betcha” is popular in the midwest, but you hear it in other parts of the United States as well.  This is used only for spoken, informal English. 

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  • A: Thank-you
  • B: You betcha!  
  • That’s an awesome guitar! 
  • B: You betcha!
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