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The word “zero” is used as a noun, as an adjective, and as a verb. It represents the number 0, which comes before 1

Reading the word “zero” is not that difficult, but sometimes when we see O, it’s read as “oh.”  It depends on the circumstance. This video provides a little help if you need it. 

Here are some examples for ways to use the word "zero."

  1. 1. I have zero interest in going to another meeting. (zero interest = no interest. I don’t want to do it. In this sentence, “zero” functions as an adjective or as part of a compound noun.)
  2. 2. The police are zeroing in on a suspect in the crime. (zero in on = try to find; focus on. In this sentence, “zero in on” is a phrasal verb.)
  3. 3. The number 1,000,000 has six zeros. That’s a lot of zeros. (Notice the plural form is usually spelled “zeros” instead of “zeroes.” Both are acceptable.)
  4. 4. The weather today is below zero. (“Below zero” is less that 0 degrees, which is equivalent to about -18 Celsius.)
  5. 5. In Minnesota, the temperatures often go below zero, or subzero, in the winter.
  6. 6. The teacher gave James a zero on his test because he cheated. (a zero = no points, no credit. It’s very bad for a student to get “a zero.”)
  7. 7. A rocket launch counts down to zero, and then the rocket is launched.
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