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Use the verb “explain” when providing information about a process or reason why something exists. 

  • Our teacher explained how to make questions in the present tense.  
  • Could you please explain this to me.  
  • The problem was explained to us.  (This sentence uses “explain” in the passive voice.) 

The word “explanation” is a noun. 

Students often ask for explanations.

 Who is speaking? 

  • Could you please explain how this works?  (A student is asking a question. 
  • Would you mind explaining this to us? (A student is asking a question.)
  • Would you like me to explain? (A teacher is offering an explanation.) 
  • Please explain this to me. (A student is asking for an explanation.)
  • Allow me to explain. (A teacher wants to explain something.) 
  • Let me explain. (A teacher wants to explain something.) 
  • The teacher explained it to us. (A student refers to an explanation.) 
  • It was explained to us. (A student comments on an explanation.) 
  • Thanks for explaining that to me. (A students thanks someone for an explanation.) 
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  • An expert on birds explained a few things about how birds produce their songs. 
  • She explained how the sounds are made.
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